"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends."

Hafez Shirazi


The first step is to get rid of the dead skin to get the skin ready for all the beneficial ingredients we've prepared to feed your skin! For a deep deep cleanse, our Salty Hearts are the way to go but if you need a gentler cleanse then say hello to Sugar Hearts!

Normal/Oily Skin | Salty Hearts
Normal/Dry Skin | Sugar Hearts


Alright, next step we have our Star Body Mask! With Clay being the main ingredient in this mask, we are gently detoxifying your skin and feeding it even more beneficial ingredients to get your natural glow to shine through!

Normal/Oily Skin | French Pink Clay Body Mask
Normal/Dry Skin | Moroccan Clay Body Mask


Step 3 is where the inner glow comes through with the help of all our botanical ingredients! Our Silky Hair & Body Serums is meant to be used daily on your skin and whenever needed on your hair to complete your body care routine!

No matter your skin type, this serum will work wonders for all skin types! Whether it is Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, this serum is meant to replace all your body lotions.